The account intelligence platform for enterprise sellers

Poggio builds deeply researched, tailored account plans in minutes - giving you the intel you need to have in-depth conversations with any account.

Earn your buyer's trust, confidence, and a seat at the table.

"Just had our SKO last week in vegas. leadership on stage talking about how to get ready to do account plans.

Im in my head im thinking, "im already done"....Thx Poggio."

-  Enterprise AE

"This tool is like your best ISR, BDR, Partner Seller, Competitive Intel, and SE all working together"

-  Enterprise AE

"A true godsend for helping AE's develop a POV and account plan without spending days combing, researching, and combining data"

-  Senior Strategic Rep

"My role is very strategic and this is something I have always dreamed about"

-  Sales Leader

Poggio arms sellers with the most comprehensive, actionable understanding of their target accounts.

Here's how it works.


A complete account plan - in minutes

No more collecting enablement material, spending hours on LinkedIn, assembling industry trends, gathering pain points. Poggio generates all of this for you in minutes. 


Be prepared for every interaction

Go into every interaction knowing who to talk to, their pain points, their role in the decision-making process, key advantages of your solution, and more. It’s a sales assistant whispering in your ear.


Less time researching, more time selling

With Poggio, every rep shows up prepared and with confidence. Free yourself to do what you do best: earning customer trust.


Generate account plans in minutes—not days

No more spending valuable hours collecting enablement material, scouring LinkedIn for contacts, assembling industry trends, or gathering pain points.


Stay prepared for every critical interaction, from lead to close

For every call, email, or pitch, know who to talk to, their pain points, their role in the decision-making process, key advantages of your solution, and more.


Free yourself to do what you do best—closing deals

Spend less time formatting account plans and more time building a human connection with your prospects and helping solve their problems.

Bring your enablement materials

Add your company’s enablement materials, battle cards, and research to your Poggio workspace. Poggio uses this information to mirror how you sell.

Key contacts and pain points

Poggio does the research to give you key contacts, roles, pain points, and more, for every account you’re interested in.

Tailored questions for identifying pain

Poggio generates questions tailored to uncover the specific pains of the account or individuals you’re talking to. Be legitimately useful to your prospects.

Relevant industry trends

Poggio locates relevant trends and histories - both macro and micro - for the accounts and industries you’re targeting, so you can speak genuinely to the concerns of the people you’re talking to.

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